Endorsement given by MosOblEkspertiza

June 2015 Endorsement has been given at local level for the technical section of design estimate documentation for the first construction phase of the Moscow Regional Oncology Centre and Surgical Wing, to be built at 6, Karbishev St., Balashikha, Moscow Region. The project documentation has therefore met the following requirements:

  • Fire safety
  • Health and epidemiology
  • Medical gas supply, including an oxygen gasification unit
  • Heat supply
  • Heating systems
  • Environmental

In accordance with observations from experts on the aforementioned technical section, adjustments are currently being made to the project documentation.

The building consists of a seven-storey, brick-built single block of 20,000м, within which will be housed surgical facilities, ward accommodation and an administrative wing, with 5 adult wards (200 beds), a children’s ward (50 beds), an intensive care unit, a surgery suite with X-ray facilities, a radiology diagnosis unit and a sterile services department for the entire clinic. The facility is to be built on a site of 1.34 hectares.