The Governor of Moscow Region and the Russian Federation Commissioner on the Rights of the Child inspect new maternity clinic in the city of Ramenskoe

16.11.17 The Governor of Moscow Region, Andrey Vorobyov and the Ombudsman on the Rights of the Child, Anna Kuznetsova have visited the Regional Mother and Child Centre in the city of Ramenskye, Moscow Region, which opened its doors on 10th November. They praised the high quality of the equipment for neonatal special care and post-intensive care follow-up, as well as the new, modern operating theatres and the high level of professionalism of the staff.

The mother and child centre, with its 150 beds and capacity of 3,500 births a year, provides care not only to those living in Ramenskoe, but also to those from neighbouring regions - Voskresensky, Orekhovo-Zuyevsky, Zhukovsky and also from Vladimir Region and Moscow.

An unique cluster of regional mother and child centres has now been established, providing all necessary care to mothers and children. Now, Moscow Region is the only region in Russia with one perinatal centre per one million inhabitants.

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