First patients receive treatment with state of the art radiotherapy system

March 2016. The first treatment sessions have been taking place at the radiology department of the Russian Ministry of Health Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre (a Federal State Self­Governing Facility ­ FGAU). These have been made possible thanks to the Elekta Infinity robotic radiotherapy system, supplied by PETRusCo, with cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment.

Treatment with the linear accelerator takes place according to radiation schedules set in advance: the procedure is divided into sessons (fractions) during which the tumour is targeted with a dose of radiation from a directed and focused radioactive beam, with minimal effect on the healthy tissue. Radiosurgery ­ one of the most complex techniques in radiotherapy ­ is already in use in a range of procedures. With this method, high powered precision accuracy radiation is used once on the tumour, completely destroying it. 

With this highly sophisticated equipment, up to 50 sessons of radiotherapy will be able to be carried out every day.