Besides its unique approach to scoping design, architectural and technological solutions, PETRusCo can also provide tailor-made financial solutions in line with the client’s requests.

We use the following standard conditions for project financing:

  • Payment on completion of actual work
  • Provision of performance bond for payment on completion of up to 5%
  • Special funding option with payments spread over a maximum of 5 years
  • Provision of an additional performance bond in the form of a bank guarantee
  • Provision of payment deferral for medical equipment supplied after completion of installation

Our partners include major Russian and European banks.

Our longstanding partnerships with leading suppliers and significant experience with financial institutions ensures that we can create tailor-made financial solutions for projects.

Our portfolio of banking partners is continually expanding. We use and provide to our clients the following new products:

  • Credit provision for up to 3 years
  • Provision of bank guarantees for contract completion
  • Financial placement
  • Use of banking credit operations
  • Use of factoring operations
  • Use of financial hedging instruments